Love Your Body: The Clitoris

Friday/Date Day

Loving your body means knowing all the wonderful parts.  This is a fun video about the "history" of the Clitoris. Watch it - and watch it with your children.

Psychologists remind us that it's important to teach our daughters and sons about the clitoris because consenting to sex should be an "enthusiastic yes."  The clitoris is central to a woman's ability to orgasm and find pleasure.  And understanding one's own clitoris, or the clitoris of your partner, is therefore essential to understanding sexual consent.  Explain the clitoris to your daughters and sons in age appropriate ways. Knowledge about the clitoris gives a girl a sense of agency over her own body, and a boy a better understanding of how to be a good partner.

Artist Sophia Wallace's "Cliteracy" is a fun way to support #KnowingYourBody. You can see more of her artwork here.