**ACTION NEEDED - Contact the Nevada Gaming Control Board regarding their decision to investigate sexual harassment in the gaming industry**


The Nevada Gaming Control Board has publicly announced their plan for proposed regulation with regard to more stringent sexual harrassment regulations for corporations doing business in the gaming industry in Nevada. Workshops to receive inputs from the stake owners will be scheduled during the month of May and the GCB will approve new regulations.

Your input is important to share with the gaming board now. Please take the time to write and email to bharris@gcb.nv.gov. 

Suggested text:
Dear Becky Harris, Chairwoman
Nevada Gaming Control Board

We commend the Nevada Gaming Control Board on their decision to investigate actions that need to be taken to alleviate the harassment, sexually as well as other forms of harassment, in the gaming industry. We ask that this action be taken as soon as possible to have new policies in place to reduce this enormous problem. It is vital to take action now. The NGCB's actions will be a model for other industries and society in general for a better future for all.
Thank you again for responding to this problem.