After failing to kill healthcare for millions of Americans, Senator Heller turns to racism and xenophobia to bolster his campaign


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Senator Heller, stop using undocumented immigrants to create fear and perpetuate bigotry! Nevada has no Sanctuary Cities.  Immigrants commit far fewer crimes than Americans born here. The LVMPD must adhere to the 4th Amendment. Stop perpetuating racism NOW! 


Like Trump, Senator Heller is using xenophobic and spurious claims about undocumented immigrants to create fear and garner political support.  Heller just released a statement that tries to paint him as for law enforcement and against undocumented immigrants.  He does this by insinuating that undocumented immigrants commit more crimes than Americans born here.  They do not.  Multiple studies have shown that undocumented immigrants commit far fewer crimes than the average population. 

The subtext is that undocumented immigrants are dangerous for "us." This is a dog whistle.  It's meant to spur Trump supporters to go to the polls to re-elect him.  He's doing this by appealing to their fear and bigotry.  

This kind of talk ultimately hurts already vulnerable populations like undocumented immigrants.  The Trump administration has created an atmosphere in many large cities where undocumented immigrants are too afraid to report crimes.  Statistics show that undocumented women have stopped reporting rapes and domestic violence.  

Dean Hller shows little shame in his efforts to exacerbate the suffering of undocumented immigrants in order to advance his political career.  By making it hard for undocumented immigrants to report crime, they become sitting ducks for those who will take advantage of them. But, by creating fear of undocumented immigrants, Heller is hoping gain support from Trump's base.  We cannot allow Heller to get away with this.

"Sanctuary Cities" is just another way of saying "we're going to adhere to the 4th Amendment. In fact,  there are two types of cities in the United States: cities with policies that comply with the United States Constitution and cities that do not. 

The Trump Administration demands that police officers detain anyone whom the officer suspects is in the country without permission. As a result, police in other cities have detained American citizens for long periods, and some citizens have been erroneously placed in deportation proceedings when they were unable to prove their citizenship on the spot. Individuals who appear to be Hispanic, or have accents, are especially vulnerable. For a city like Las Vegas—a city that welcomes immigrants and refugees—these regulations will be a disaster.  Not only could the LVMPD sweep up innocent people, but Las Vegas would likely be subject to multiple law suits.

From a policy standpoint, Session's actions are cruel, inhumane, and costly. Undocumented, immigrant women are now afraid to go to the police to report domestic abuse and sexual violence. Undocumented women, therefore, become sitting ducks for anyone to exploit. These women have no protection from violent perpetrators and exploitative employers because abusers know undocumented women will not seek help from the police for fear of deportation.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline has already seen the impact of this policy on victims. In the past few months, undocumented women surged domestic violence hotlines seeking help and information.  On average, hotlines experienced a 30% increase in immigration-related calls over the past year, with many callers reporting that their abusers threatened to have them and their children deported if they report abuse.

A woman who does report abuse puts herself at a direct risk for retaliation from her abuser and detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). For example, ICE agents in Texas detained an abused woman moments after she received a protective order against her abuser — the same man who reported her to ICE.  In Queens, New York, ICE agents detained a woman who was likely the victim of sex trafficking.

On the other hand, domestic violence and sexual assault reports to police among Latino populations is on a steep decline. This is not because violent incidences have declined. It is because Latinos are terrified that going to the police will result in a second form of abuse. In Los Angeles, reports of sexual assault have dropped 25% among Latinos since the beginning of 2017, and reports of domestic abuse have fallen by 10%--no other ethnic group in the city is experiencing this disturbing trend. In Houston, the decrease in rape reports is down by almost 40% compared to the same time last year.

Though statistics are not readily available, it is likely women in Nevada have the same fears. Nevada has the among the highest rates of domestic violence and sexual abuse - and it's about to get far worse.

We cannot sit by and allow the government to paint targets on backs of Nevada's women because of their immigration status. Victims and witnesses of crimes, especially individuals trapped in a cycle of abuse, must be able to turn to the police for help. Implementing Session's policy would force police to go after victims and allow violent criminals to roam free.

This is not just an immigration issue. Session's policies ensure that undocumented immigrants who are victims of sexual and domestic violence will have nowhere to turn. It allows domestic abusers and rapists to avoid any, and all, consequences for their crimes. This is not the America we know.

Further, deporting undocumented women will leave small children in Las Vegas without mothers. What happens to children when their mother is deported to a violent country home country like El Salvador? The children become wards of the county, and the children lose their primary provider and protector. This is not American.

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