Laxalt is using Undocumented Immigrants as Scapegoats

Stealing a page out of Donald Trump's playbook, Attorney General Adam Laxalt is making baseless and spurious claims about undocumented immigrants to create fear and garner political support for his re-election.  Laxalt just released a legal brief and had a press conference where he declared - without data or statistics - undocumented immigrants increase crime.  They do not.  Multiple studies have shown that undocumented immigrants commit far fewer crimes than the average population.

This kind of talk ultimately hurts already vulnerable populations.  The Trump administration has created an atmosphere in many large cities where undocumented immigrants are too afraid to report crimes.  Statistics show that undocumented women have stopped reporting rapes and domestic violence.  Adam Laxalt shows little shame in his efforts to exacerbate the suffering of undocumented immigrants in order to advance his political career.  By making it hard for undocumented immigrants to report crime, they will essentially become sitting ducks for those who will take advantage of them. But, by creating fear of undocumented immigrants, Laxalt is hoping gain support from people who have little information about undocumented immigrants.  We cannot allow Laxalt to get away with this.

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