Legislation Nevada NOW Supports

2019 Nevada Legislative Session

Nevada’s 2019 legislative session ended on June 4. Nevada’s historic first female majority legislators led the way on progressive legislation, and we were able to see just what happens when women are elected. We are proud to have played our part in this accomplishment. We endorsed and worked on many of their campaigns, registered voters, helped phone bank and canvass, and lobbied and testified for bills in Carson City and Las Vegas. 

We are excited to report that all of the bills we focused on have passed and were signed by the Governor!  We have worked in coalition with some great progressive groups in Nevada and look forward to continuing these partnerships.

Pay Equity Bill, sponsored by Senator Pat Spearman

Earned Paid Sick Days Bill, sponsored by Senator Joyce Woodhouse

Trust Nevada Women Act — NARAL, sponsored by Senator Yvanna Cancela

Bans Bump Stocks, sponsored by Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui

Misdemeanor to fail to secure a firearm around a child under 18, sponsored by Assemblyman Ozzie Fumo

Prescribing and ordering and dispensing of contraceptive supplies by pharmacists — 12 month supply, sponsored by Nicole Canizzarro

Raises the state minimum wage to $12 an hour, sponsored by Speaker Jason Frierson

Restores the rights for felons to vote after release, sponsored by Speaker Jason Frierson

Overhaul voting — DMV automatic registration, with choice to opt out, same-day voting, absentee voting, allow 17-year-olds to vote if they are 18 by the general election, sponsored by Speaker Jason Frierson

Amend Constitution to provide for limited annual sessions